Rigid Ultra Light Wheelchairs

TiLite ZRFrom $4325

With the ZR’s minimalist mono-tube frame, less truly is more. The clean aesthetic of the ZR turns heads while the titanium frame makes sure you have the strength and vibration-dampening ride to go with your beauty. Style and strength to take on whatever life throws at you.

Distinguished by a clean, modern look, the mono-tube frame’s 1.25″ tubing gives the ZR strength and durability. The frame shape affords excellent transportability and easy placement on a car seat. Round off the ZR’s frame with curved, ovalized caster arms.


Titanium absorbs vibration, won’t break, and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal on Earth. That is why TiLite builds our highest performing wheelchairs from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium. If you want strength, durability, and a smooth roll, you want a titanium ride.

Frame Type*Rigid
Frame Style*Mono-Tube
Frame Material*Titanium
Adjustability*Limited Adjustability
Custom Configuration*YES
Frame OptionsBlack Edition
SuperLite Edition
Heavy Duty Frame
Power Adaptable Frame
Reinforced Frame
Transport Weight**9.3 lb.
Chair WidthCalculate Width
Seat Width10″ – 20″
Seat Depth10″ – 20″
Front Seat Height16″ – 21″
Rear Seat Height12.5″ – 20″
Camber0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8°, or 12°
Front Frame Angle70°, 75°, 80°, 85°, or 90°
Footrest Width OptionsStandard Taper
V-Front End
Seat Back TypeFolding Seat Back
Adj. Height 8.5″ – 21″
Adj. Angle 80° – 101°

Fixed Seat Back
Fixed Height 8″ – 20″
Fixed Angle 80° – 101°

Center of Gravity Adjustment2.25″
Weight LimitStandard – 265 lb.
Heavy Duty – 300 lb.
Transit OptionsTransport Bracket
WarrantyLifetime on Frame
One Year on TiLite Components

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