Services offered by our rehab location at 1B-138 West 6th Ave

Installation and Delivery

We install everything we sell. Have us do the work for you; our highly trained technicians and installers can install your equipment when you need it and where you want it.

If you’re not sure which product will fit into your home, our trained staff can bring multiple options to your home so that you can select the best one.


 Zone Table

Zone 1 Vancouver
Zone 2 North / West Vancouver Richmond Burnaby
Zone 3 Ladner Surrey Tri Cities
Zone 4 Outside of above area


Installation Rates

Setup by a Macdonald’s Trained Technician or Installer Basic Setup* Basic Setup (Multiple Items) Standard Setup**
Zone 1 $55 $75 $105
Zone 2 $75 $95 $125
Zone 3 $95 $115 $145
Zone 4 Call Call Call

*Basic Setup includes delivery and setup to client specifications of equipment not requiring installation. eg. bath seat, bath transfer bench.

**Standard Setup includes anything that requires installation or removal. eg. hand held shower, bolt-on toilet seats, removing toilet seat bolts, removing shower doors.


Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
Hospital Bed Delivery, Set Up, and Training $105 $115 $125 Call
Hospital Bed Pick up $55 $65 $75 Call
Patient Lift or Lift Chair $75 $95 $115 Call
Overhead Track Lift Delivery, Set Up and Training $105 $125 $145 Call



Courier Service

We offer quick and efficient courier delivery to your door for products you need right away. Use us for you incontinence supplies or hospital discharge needs.


Zone 1: Same day delivery available if the order is placed before 4pm.

Zone 2 – 4: Same day delivery available if the order is placed before 10am.

The cost to deliver to zones 2-4 decreases if same day delivery is not required.


Delivery or Pickup by Courier  Same Day Next Day
Zone 1 $10
Zone 2 $15-$25 $7-$13
Zone 3 $20-$30 $7-$13
Zone 4 Call for Quote $7-$13


**Free delivery offered on product orders over $100 (limited to Zone 1 and 2)


Custom Seating

We provide state of the art custom molded seating systems. Sometimes the ideal product for a client is a combination of both types of seating, usually a carved foam seat cushion with a custom molded backrest shape.

Custom molded seating systems can either be constructed using poured foam techniques or by molding ABS plastic. The type of system best suited for a client depends on their specific needs. Poured foam systems are softer but heavier while molded ABS is lighter but more firm. There are many other considerations that can be discussed during the Specifications Appointment.


Custom Commode Seating

Custom commode seating has traditionally been a challenge due to necessary hygienic requirements. To overcome this obstacle, we waterproof our systems with silicone, use non-porous foams for padding and integrate plastics that do not absorb moisture. Custom commode wheelchair seating can be custom contoured or planar in shape.


Computer Mounts

Computers and other forms of assistive technology often need to be situated in a position to optimize their accessibility and functionality. We provide and set up custom mounts to help the individual to greatly improve their quality of life and


Dynamic Systems

We build three types of dynamic components that can be added to the backrest, head support and/or footrests of wheelchairs. Dynamic systems can provide relief from body movements and prevent excessive wheelchair frame damage. The most common type we provide is the dynamic backrest.



Commercial trays can be modified to suit the individual or we can custom build one to suit a variety of needs. Custom options include material choice (black ABS plastic or clear Lexan plastic), size, custom shape & cut-outs, padding, mounting hardware, etc


Bathroom Safety

We can create a bridged transfer system from your toilet to you bathtub. We use the best foam and have developed a new neoprene wrap with GF Strong that can protect the foam from aggressive transfers.


Service and Repair

Routine maintenance or emergency repairs – our technicians are equipped with a full workshop and service vehicles to help service your equipment. If you can’t come to us we can come to you and perform the work necessary to complete your repair. Our full service shop has a full selection of parts in stock to help you keep moving.

 Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3
Shop Labour Rate$105
Hour  At Home Service Call $105 $115 $145



We have a 700 square foot showroom fully equipped with a bedroom, bathroom and mobility equipment, including power chairs, scooters and more.

If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, book an appointment to visit our showroom to try out different products. From bathroom and basic mobility equipment right through to high end power chairs, we have everything needed to help you select a product that is right for you. Therapists can also book an appointment to use our lift and plinth mat if you need to perform an assessment – We can have a rehab consultant and demo products on hand to trial with your client. Call us to book your assessment appointment and we will have staff available to assist with you product selections.


Product Trials

Our consultants will come to you with the equipment requested to make sure that it suits your needs and fits your home before you buy it. We can trial everything from a bath bench to a custom wheelchair. In-store appointments are available as well if you would prefer to visit our showroom. Not sure what you need? Have one of our highly trained representatives come to your house to help you figure out what will make your living arrangement safer. Call us today to arrange your next trial @ 604.872.5496 ext 2.


Platform Lifts


Stair Glides


Custom Ramps


Grab Bars


Custom Railings



Our business started by providing high quality rental solutions, so renting with Macdonald’s Home Health Care is always a great option.We understand the importance of having high quality rental products that are maintained to the highest standards. If you know you require equipment but do not know exactly what you’ll like best you can rent equipment until you find the perfect piece and then purchase it with our rent to own program.

We have trained consultants that can help you with your every need. We can come to your house to help you figure out what will work best in your home environment. You can rent equipment for as long as you need, or for a short term to aid you in your recovery from surgery or injury.

Our rental rates are extremely competitive and we can install or deliver the equipment right when you need it.

Our Rental Inventory

We have one of the largest rental inventories in the lower mainland. Our inventory is constantly refreshed so you will always get a great piece of equipment in excellent working order.

Quality Control

Every single piece of rental equipment that comes back goes through a cleaning process that has been approved by Health Canada. It gets thoroughly maintained so you get top notch equipment every time.

No Risk

We will handle all maintenance requirements during your rental at no charge to you. On the other hand, If you drive Our scooter down 10 stairs you can expect a repair bill in the mail.

Bring back your equipment whenever you’re done with it, or use our rent to own program to keep it in place if its working great – our rental program is the flexible solution you need!


Rent to Own

Macdonald’s Home Health Care’s Rent to Own program is the best choice for someone who is not sure which piece of equipment they’ll like best. It’s great for families that require expensive items which are costly to purchase, but who aren’t sure how long they’ll need the equipment.

Rent a piece of equipment as an extra long 1 month trial; you can put 100% of the first month and 50% of the second month towards the purchase price of basic rental equipment. If you would like to use our Rent to Own program to purchase high end rehab equipment we can do that too! Our Rent to Own program offers the flexibility you need.



Services offered by our retail location at 746 West Broadway

Art Assist

The ArtAssist applies a unique form of pneumatic compression to the foot, ankle and calf to increase arterial blood flow to the lower limbs. It increases the blood flow to a patient with arterial blockages by up to three times, while also relieving intermittent claudication. It helps to reduce the need for amputation by up to 50%.  The ArtAssist enables a patient to see permanent results. The device is simple to use: apply the cuff, sit down and turn the machine on all in the comfort of ones own home! Macdonald’s Prescriptions is now offering the ArtAssist for either purchase or rental. A doctor’s prescription is required for this device. Attached is a Rental Agreement, as well as a Doctor’s Prescriptions form for the ArtAssist Device. Please contact our Home Health Care Department for further information.

A prescription from your physician is required for this device. Please click below for the PDF file for the Rental Agreement and Doctor’s Prescription form.



Online Store

Compression Socks

You can now purchase your compression garments at a discounted rate online. If you have purchased a pair of compression socks before you can simply type in the order number to the search bar and have them delivered to your door. It’s that easy.

Click here for a link to our online store.


Compression and Lymphedema Therapy

At Macdonald’s Prescriptions and Home Health Care, we specialize in compression therapy and compression garments. We have a team of certified fitters with over 20 years experience in fitting compression garments.  We fit for swelling/varicose veins, lymphedema – primary and secondary (with Lymphapress), venous leg ulcers (wrapping to fitting), congenital disorders, vascular disorders, trauma.  We offer a selection of off the shelf garments and custom made garments. We guarantee the fit of the garment and stand behind all of our products 100%.  We carry a full line of Sigvaris, Juzo, Medi (J. Vaillancourt), Bauerfeind, Circ-Aid and BSN-Medical compression garments for the lower and upper extremities.  We have 3 private fitting rooms to help you with your compression garments.


What is Compression Therapy?

  • It is the application of a counterpressure to the limb to reduce venous hypertension.
  • Compression must be graduated to counteract the force of gravity (strongest at the ankle and decreasing in strength in a proximal direction).

What are the Aims of Compression Therapy?

  • To prevent a decrease in blood flow velocity. Ie. To improve venous blood flow by returning the blood back to the heart more effectively and efficiently.
  • To restore blood flow velocity to normal, by squeezing valves in veins closer together.
  • To prevent raised intravascular and tissue pressures by improving venous blood return.

What are the Steps in Obtaining Garments?

  •  Talk to your doctor is you have tired, achy legs, regardless of swelling.
  • Have your doctor write a prescription.
  • Come in and talk to us about your compression needs. We will help guide you in the process of obtaining a prescription if you do not have one.
  • The best time to be measured for your garments is first thing in the morning.
  • Home consultations are also available.

Anti-embolic (TEDS) stockings are not compression stockings – call us to find out the difference!



What is Lymphedema

Lymphedema is the result of disruption in the lymphatic system, resulting in obstructed lymphatic flow, enlarged and disfigured limbs, pain, and susceptibility to infection. Lymphedema often limits the lifestyle of the patient. Unfortunately there is no cure for lymphedema. However Macdonald’s Home Health Care can offer a treatment that improves the quality of life for primary or secondary lymphedema patients.


The Lympha Press

The Lympha Press ® multicompartmental pressure system offers a distinct advantage over unicompartmental pressure systems, often used in the treatment of lymphedema. Using physiological principles, pressure is established from the distal area of the Lympha Press® Sleeve and progresses until the entire sleeve is sequentially inflated. When the entire sleeve is filled with air, all the cells automatically empty themselves, and the cycle begins again.

The Lympha Press was first introduced to the province of British Columbia in 1987 at the B.C. Cancer Control Agency. To date, many hospitals and clinics in B.C. have them. Since 1997, Macdonald’s Prescriptions has been the main distributor of the Lympha Press ®. In 2005, a third model was introduced, the Lympha Press Plus, which is fully programmable and is used in-store for our patient pump therapy sessions.

Lymphedema is something you are born with (primary) or due to some trauma, like surgery, radiation, injury etc. (secondary). There is help for both kinds. One part of the treatment is the pump and is only used after you have been assessed by a physician. The other parts of treatment include instruction in skin care, exercises specifically for lymphedema, lymphatic massage, and often wearing of a special elastic compression sleeve or stocking.

Lymphedema is a condition that should not be left untreated. The fluid build up in an arm or leg is not simply water. It is a protein rich fluid with fibrous qualities that the body uses to repair itself with. But when it is in the wrong place, for example around a joint, it can harden and make it difficult for the joint to move.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above information, we would be pleased to meet or talk with you. Please call us at 604-872-5496 or email us for further information.


Mastectomy Care

Macdonald’s Home Health Care has been providing lymphedema compression therapy for post mastectomy patients for more than 13 years. In 2010, we expanded this service to include mastectomy prosthesis and bras. Our certified fitters welcome you to our newly renovated fitting room to see our extensive line of American Breast Care products.

American Breast Care offers a variety of breast forms, post-surgical bras and accessories to fit every woman. American Breast Care provides products to aaccommodateeveryone’s needs and preferences while providing you with an experience you’ll never forget. Our passionate team of dependable professionals is committed to earning the trust of our customers and the confidence of the women we serve.


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