Our service department understand the importance of prompt service when it comes to your equipment. We pride ourselves on our knowledgeable, reliable and timely service. Our goal is for you to be our customer for life and our service department will get you there.

Equipment Purchased from Macdonald’s Home Health Care

We strive to make sure that the equipment you purchase from us is always working. Mobility equipment has moving parts and is like a car, motorcycle or bicycle; it requires maintenance to keep it functioning to the best of its ability and to minimize catastrophic breakdowns. You can schedule a tune up with us by calling our service department (604.872.5496 ext 4).

Our warranty policy:

  • Best fit guaranty for 90 days. This includes any adjustments that need to be made to the equipment like seat to floor height, backrest or programming. Any adjustment needed after 90 days will be subject to our service and call out rates. (This does not include any product substitutions)
  • Labour is covered for 6 months for all warranty issues on custom wheelchairs, power chairs, and scooters. This does not include the call out fee. If you bring your equipment to us, we will be able to provide this service completely free.
  • We honor all manufacture warranty periods on all the equipment we sell but are subject to a call out rate when outside of the 6 months policy.
  • Wear and tear such as worn tires, loose brakes or bolts are not covered under warranty. Any damage cause by misuse, abuse or maintenance negligence is not included under warranty. This includes damage to leg rest because you ran into a wall, bent fork because you rode your chair off a curb, or a ripped off armrest because you ran into a doorway. We have seen it all and can spot it from a mile away so please be reasonable with your expectations 😉
  • Batteries have a warranty period of 30 days. They will last 3-5 years if taken care as per the battery pamphlet guidelines provided at the time of power equipment purchase.
  • We warranty all our rental equipment for 3 months after you buy it out. This includes the labour and parts. Call out fee will apply if we come to you.

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Equipment NOT purchased from Macdonald’s Home Health Care

There may be times where we are unable to service equipment that was not purchased by us because we prioritize our customers who have purchased equipment from us and expect our regular response times.

In order to service equipment that was not purchase from Macdonald’s HHC, we require certain information. Please have this information ready before giving us a call so we can help you as efficiently as possible.

  • Type of Equipment
    • We only service and repair equipment that we represent because our technicians are trained on them.
  • Date of purchase
    • when your equipment was purchased. This will give us an idea of the warranty coverage and what to expect from the product
  • Serial number
    • This is needed to assess the equipment and contact the manufacturer to replace parts.

Warranty – If your equipment is under ministry warranty or manufacturer warranty, please contact the vendor you purchased it from. They will help you while this is still under warranty.
If you are unable to go to the vendor you purchased it from, we will help you for our standard labour and call out fees.
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