10 Inexpensive Gadgets as Aids to Daily Living

February 5, 2016
Elderly man and caregiver

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As part of our commitment to providing the best aids to daily living, we stock a wide range of products that are custom designed to improve the general well-being and living standards of the elderly.

In this list, you’ll find a range of cheap home health care products that are designed to make aging in place both a warmer and healthier experience. Whether it’s extra mobility, personal cleanliness, or all-round functionality you’re looking for, we have it covered. Read on to discover a selection of the best daily living aids we have to offer.

1. Mediflow Water Pillow

Over the last decade, modern medicine has begun to pay increased attention to the link between sleep and general well-being. Getting at least seven and a half hours of sleep per day is crucial to the way our body responds to invading pathogens. A healthy, rested body produces both higher levels of immune-boosting T helper cells and lower levels of protein-depleting cortisol, and thus is better equipped to fend off disease.

Luckily, we stock a selection of cheap home health care products designed to increase sleep quality. The Mediflow Water Pillow ranks among the best orthopedic and therapeutic pillows thanks to its hypo-allergenic polyester exterior and neck-support technology. The award-winning Mediflow Water Pillow is both soft and supple, providing an ideal combination of comfort and neck support throughout your rest. 

Mediflow pillow: daily living aids for seniors

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2. Long Handled Cleaning Sponge

Personal hygiene is one the of the key areas of general well-being. This is even truer over the winter months, when seniors spend increased time indoors. Bathing frequently boosts self-esteem and provides psychological satisfaction, and is an essential infection prevention method.

There are a number of bathing aids designed to assist seniors in their everyday needs. Lifestyle Essential’s long handled cleaning sponge gives seniors with reduced mobility the added independence to scrub their own backs in the absence of a caregiver. This sponge is specifically mounted to cover hard-to-reach places such as the lower back. 

Sponge: great daily living aids for seniors

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3. Raised Toilet Seats

Confidence and a positive mindset are key ingredients for establishing mental and physical well-being. Aids to daily living in the bathroom play a key role in making seniors feel comfortable in their everyday home environment while also providing home caregivers with the tools they need to provide in-place support.

This elevated toilet seat produced by Drive Medical will give you increased security with its custom-designed snug fit. This product is built to prevent falls and other avoidable bathroom accidents, which, according to one study carried out by the CDC, occur to one in three seniors over the age of 65 every year. The elevated toilet seat makes it easier for users to raise themselves off the toilet, while the durable, metal handlebars provide added support while sitting down or getting up.

Cheap health care products for seniors: raised toilet seat

Image from www.carex.com


4. Bed Assist Rail

Seniors and other people with limited mobility spend more time  in bed than younger adults. In addition, the elderly have greater difficulty getting in and out of bed than their younger counterparts. Spending lots time in bed can be a difficult psychologically, while too much time in bed is also known to cause physical complications such as bed ulcers, sores, and back pain. Professional caregivers recommend that seniors get out of bed as much as possible, both to encourage blood circulation and relieve pressure on the spinal column.

That’s where a bed assist rail (like this one by Drive Medical) can really come in handy. This product outshines more expensive counterparts for a fraction of the price, providing seniors with a simple solution to all their bed mobility problems. This all-purpose bed aid can be attached to home-style beds of any size and will remain securely in place through a combination of its legs and its non-slip foam base. With this basic aid to daily living, users will be able to pull themselves up into a sitting position or support themselves as they get out of bed, making it  a great bedside option for ageing-in-place seniors. 

For more information about aids to daily living, contact Evan. He’ll be happy to assist you with all your questions.

Bed assist rail

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5. AMG Comfort Plus Folding Cane

Canes provide much-needed balance and support to seniors with reduced mobility while also serving as an encouragement to engage in low-impact exertions. Seniors can build up their cardiovascular strength, oxygenate tissues and indirectly strengthen their immune system by walking every day, making canes and other senior mobility accessories some one of the best aids to daily living.

With AMG’s Comfort Plus Folding Cane, users get a sturdy yet foldable mobility aid with great portability and functionality. This cane is suitable for use on all types of surfaces and comes with an ergonomic Derby handle. For added weight-support functionality or carrying capacity, consider either a quad cane or a bariatric walker fitted with a walker tray.

Foldable cane

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6. Lifestyle Handle Cup

Drinking adequate amounts of water is an effective infection prevention method and one of few tried-and-tested ways to reduce the effects of flu. Drinking water helps flush out toxins, indirectly boosting our immune system. Herbal infusions such as green tea may have added T lymphocyte strengthening properties, making it a great option if water isn’t your favourite source of hydration.

Made by Lifestyle Essential, this polycarbonate cup is a great option for seniors with reduced mobility or impaired hand control, and features a anti-splash lid and spout, specially designed to avoid potential hot beverage burns or spills. The lifestyle handle cup is one of a range of cheap home health care products and daily living accessories designed by Lifestyle Essential.

Handle cup

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7. Hand Held Reacher

Seniors who suffer from disk problems, osteoporosis or arthritis, run a risk of injuring themselves every time they stoop or bend down to pick things up. Though low-impact stretching is advised, the elderly and people with reduced mobility should be wary of forward bends and unnatural poses.

This handheld reacher made by Lifestyle Essentials is the perfect all-around bedside device, and one of many affordable aids to daily living that you’ll find at our stores. Fitted with metal jaws and a trigger, this everyday home aid gives ageing-in-place seniors increased reachability while also acting as an injury prevention tool.

Cheap home health care products: reacher

Image from www.maxiaids.com

8. Pivot and Tilt Overbed Table

With seniors spending so much time in fixed positions, it’s important that they have a sense of order and security within their living space. Home health aids should always make sure your living environment is clean, ventilated, and easy to wash. Seniors spending lots of time in bed may also need something to keep their mind engaged, whether it’s a book, a card game or a handheld device.

This pivot and tilt overbed table gives users a flat, moveable surface upon which to work or while the time away. The overtable can be easily deployed as an eating area, a book reading table or a card playing surface, making it a great all-round tool.

Overbed table

Image from www.discountmedcalrva.com

9. Urinals

Flushing out toxins is one of many essential functions of a healthy body. Incontinence, however, becomes increasingly commonplace as we age and begin to lose neuromuscular control over our sphincters. Hence, designing strategies to manage bodily waste -both voluntary and involuntary- is essential to ensuring cleanliness and psychological well-being.

Designed to avoid spills and to reduce odor, urinals are essential bed aids for folks ageing in place. Urinals come in women’s and men’s versions, with the products manufactured in a lightweight, easy-to-wash material. The urinals have gradation marks to measure output and are capped off by a leakproof, hygienic top. 

Male urinal

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10. Handybar

Getting out of the car, propping yourself up in bed, or getting on your feet after a fall can be a difficult task for people with reduced mobility. Whenever possible, the elderly should try to manage movements on their own in order to build up independence and muscle strength. Sometimes, however, a lack of suitable gripping surfaces makes it impossible for seniors with otherwise adequate mobility to support themselves on their own.

The handybar provides a general all-purpose support handle for seniors with impaired mobility. Its universal forge steel shaft makes the device easy to insert into car door strickers and other surfaces. This home support product is great for seniors with back problems or leg injuries, making it one the best aids to daily living around. Read on here for more information.


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For more information about aids to daily living, contact Evan. He’ll be happy to assist you with all your questions.


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