Helio Wheelchairs: Everything You Need to Know

August 31, 2015

Photo from Motion Composites

Since 2008 a Montreal-based company called Motion Composites has been innovating the wheelchair industry by producing a line of high quality, extremely maneuverable and lightweight wheelchairs that are the finest in their class; and it all started with a project in college.

Co-founders Eric Simoneau and David Gingras produced the first of their now famous Helio wheelchairs when they set out to make the “perfect wheelchair” with a talented team of aerospace engineers, clinicians, and industrial designers after noting how clunky, inefficient, and heavy most wheelchairs on the market were at the time. Ever since, the company has expanded to 18 countries and completely revolutionized the industry, becoming one of the most highly respected and most coveted wheelchair manufacturers in North America.

Eric Simoneau, CEO (Photo from Motion Composites)

All Helio wheelchairs are foldable, making them easy to transport and ideal for users who are on the move. They also feature a one of a kind unibody design that makes them more rigid and supportive so they can last for years and years. Made from a variety of high-end materials, Motion Composites has produced an entire line of Helio wheelchairs with features and capabilities that are sure to meet the needs of any type of wheelchair user. Read on for more information on some of their most popular models, and who they are best suited for.

 Helio Move Wheelchair (Basic Aluminum)

helio wheelchair

Photo from Motion Composites

The Move meets the main goal of the entire line of Helio wheelchairs; to offer the lightest and most effective model in its class. It brings the sophistication of a higher end wheelchair to the standard chair category, offering an unparallelled user experience starting at only $1350.

The Move is without a doubt the most lightweight standard chair on the market. A caster on the standard unibody frame allows you to adjust the seat-to-floor height from 12.5-20.5″ so the Move can be easily adapted to suit any body type. It’s also possible to move the rear axle forward by 1″, offering a better center of gravity and making the Move even more maneuverable.

As with all of the Helio wheelchairs, you can add on a variety of accessories to make the Move even more functional and comfortable including flip-back armrests and Newton one spoke wheels to make the wheelchair even more lightweight. The Move’s affordable pricing makes it a great facility chair and a great temporary chair for users who just need a little help getting around.

Helio A7 Wheelchair (Aluminum Alloy)

Photo from Motion Composites

Next there’s the extremely popular Helio A7 wheelchair. Like the basic aluminum Move, it has a 12.5-20.5″ seat-to-floor height adjustment range, and is more lightweight than any other wheelchair in its category (by at least 5 lbs), but it offers even more options and opportunities for customization starting at $2295.

The A7 offers users an adjustable seat width, depth, and wheel camber. By allowing users to easily slant the bottoms of the wheels outward and bring the tops closer together, it quickly becomes easier to propel making it ideal for outdoor or sporting use. Active users love the A7 for its ease of use, speed, quick turns, and aluminum alloy frame that won’t quit, made even stronger by a perfectly symmetrical hydroform crossbrace.

Like the Move, the A7 can also be equipped with a variety of accessories. Though it may be a bit pricier than the Move, its innovative design and 7000 series highly-adjustable aluminium-alloy frame make it perfect for the user who is looking for a little more out of their Helio wheelchair or someone looking for a sports performance/outdoor model.

Helio C2 Wheelchair (Carbon Fiber)

Photo from Motion Composites

Photo from Motion Composites

Last, but certainly not least, there’s the Helio C2 wheelchair. Extremely comparable to the Helio A7, but made from an unbeatably strong carbon fiber frame, it offers lightweight maneuverability that can still meet heavy-duty requirements. Starting at $2950, Macdonalds Home Health Care Co-Founder Patrick Zuccaro describes the C2 as “the best chair on the market for the value.”

Manufactured with a monocoque frame which is stronger and lighter than any other on the market and a unique crossbrace that evenly distributes weight throughout the chair, the C2 is extremely supportive and stable while being very easy to propel at the same time.

The C2 is ideal for the user who is looking for an extremely supportive chair that promotes energy conservation through efficient propulsion. At only 12 lbs, it is still extremely lightweight and easy to transport. It’s the ideal chair for everyday users on the go.

Enjoy Your New Helio Wheelchair!

Photo from Motion Composites

Photo from Motion Composites

Now that you know more about the Helio wheelchairs we provide, you’re one step closer to making sure you or your loved one is taking the perfect chair home. Of course, it’s always a good idea to consult with an occupational therapist when making a major purchase such as a new standard wheelchair or power wheelchair.

Of course, you can always contact us if you have any additional questions about Helio wheelchairs and which may work best for each user.


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