In Home Hospital Beds: Our Top Picks

November 4, 2015
hospital bed

Image from Macdonalds HHC

If you’re seeking an in-home hospital bed to rent or buy either for your own use, or the use of a loved one or patient, it can be a pretty overwhelming endeavor. The hospital bed field is vast, and there are many factors that decide which bed works best for each user. For more info about how to select the right bed to meet its user’s unique needs, click here.

To make the process a little more simple, we decided to review some of the best hospital beds on the market at the moment. Depending on what you’re looking for out of a hospital bed, you’re sure to find at least one option below that’s worth considering.

Invacare® ETUDE HC Homecare Bed™

Image from Macdonalds HHC

If you’re looking for the best all-around choice for an in-home hospital bed that’s intended for a user that needs a lot of additional care, then the brand new Invacare® ETUDE HC is definitely worth considering. It’s designed to be incredibly flexible and adaptable, providing the highest degree of comfort in the industry for both the user of the bed and any caregivers, family members, or loved ones who will be performing any healthcare related tasks for the bed’s user.

It’s the only hospital bed available with innovative Shear Management Technology, which reduces friction and shear for ultimate comfort and safety. It’s also incredibly easy to handle, with an 8 function hand control that can lock out features for increased user safety. The bed can be lowered all the way down to 7.8″ with ease, which is the lowest height in the industry in this price range. To add to the bed’s overall security, it also comes equipped with siderails that meet federal safety and entrapment guidelines, giving the user and their loved ones peace of mind.

Add its tool-free assembly and maintenance, and it’s easy to see why the new Invacare® ETUDE HC is considered one of the best hospital beds out there. Starting at only $2419, it’s also one of the most affordable.

Rotec Multi-Positions Bed

hospital bed

Image from Macdonalds HHC

For a hospital bed that’s both incredibly comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, check out the Rotec Multi-Positions Bed. The bed features pillow-soft memory foam mattress that makes the user feel like they’re reclining on a cloud, while still offering the necessary support to keep their spine straight. It also facilitates the caregiver’s tasks, as it doesn’t transfer motion and provides a stable surface upon which to adjust patients with mobility issues, lean on as necessary, and so on. It can be lowered to a height of 13″, which also assists caregivers with important operations. Other mattresses area also available if required.

The bed also comes with a variety of handrails to choose from, based on which design will best accommodate the user’s needs. Unlike other, more limited brands of hospital beds, you can also get the Rotec Multi-Positions Bed in a variety of sizes, including Single, Double, Queen, or Custom. It’s incredibly pleasing to the eye, with models available in a variety of solid colors or wood-grain laminate finishes.

It even has a digital clock display on the pendant that’s easy to read so that the user and the caregiver can always easily glance at the time. If you’re searching for an attractive and incredibly comfortable hospital bed that won’t make you compromise on style, then Rotec is the brand for you. Models start at only $3127.

ArjoHuntleigh Minuet Bed

Image from Macdonalds HHC

The ArjoHuntleigh Minuet Bed is a great choice for caregivers or health institutions looking for a bed that can be used in a variety of situations, or for the user who seeks an in-home bed that is easily portable and simple to use. It’s a great choice for the user who needs some extra help beyond your average bed, but is still overall living independently, and starts at just $2447 so it’s one of the more affordable options out there.

The bed has a Pro-Contour™ advanced profiling system that identifies the unique body type and support needs to its user. It uses the data it gathers about the user to offer the perfect levels of firmness, shear and friction reduction, and postural support. Its low platform height of 10″ makes for easy transfers, reducing the risk of caregiver injury.

The Minuet is incredibly easy to adjust, with all adjustments to the knees, backrest, and height made by an electronic motor. It has a battery backup so it’s still easy to use even if the power is out or the bed is not near an outlet. It’s very compact and easy to take apart and put back together, so it can be stored when not in use, making it a great choice for nursing homes or other health providers, or the user who only needs the bed once in awhile.

Encor Plus Electric Adjustable Bed

hospital bed

Image from Macdonalds HHC

The Encor Plus was specifically designed for customers seeking a safe, sturdy, and high-quality hospital bed at an affordable price. This bariatric bed has a weight capacity of 500 lbs, offering all the strength and support necessary for heavier users. Starting at just $3795, it’s a very affordable option compared to most models on the market.

Its Pan Deck adjusts all the way down to 10″, greatly reducing the risk of injury from any falls that may occur. It is also expandable, and can be set to a width of either 36″, 42″, or 48″ by 80″ long, so it is adaptable to meet any user’s size requirements. There’s also choices available when it comes to attractive headboard or footboard appearances, with colors ranging from Natures hues to Wine tones. Finally, it has plenty of add-ons, hooks, and attachments for IVs, receptacles, and other home healthcare products making it incredibly easy to use for caregivers.

All of its operations are electric, and its noiseless motors won’t disturb even the lightest of sleepers. If you don’t need it, you can easily break it down into four pieces and store it for awhile, making it a great temporary solution.

For more information about in-home hospital beds, contact Evan. He’ll be happy to assist you with all your questions.


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