The Importance of Picking the Right Hospital Bed

August 6, 2015
hospital beds

Bariatric Hospital Bed

Hospital beds aren’t just for hospitals; they are an addition that can be made to any home as they offer individuals who must spend the majority of the day in bed (for a variety of reasons) unparallelled comfort and support, and simultaneously make it easier for the caregiver to perform their duties effectively.

With such a wide range of hospital beds on the market, it can be easy to get bogged down in the details. We’ve crafted this guide to simplify the world of hospital beds so it’s easier to make the right choice, based on the unique needs of the individual who will be using the bed. By learning more about the types of hospital beds available, you can make a more informed decision for you and your loved one.

Different Types of Hospital Beds

There are many different types of hospital beds available. Which one will work best for the user depends on a variety of factors, and of course budget comes into play. Read on to learn more about each type of bed, and who they are best suited for.

Basic Homecare Beds

hospital bed

Basic Homecare Bed

The basic homecare bed is a good place to start when considering purchasing a hospital bed for the home. They are a good choice for buyers on a budget, as they can be rented for $150 a month or purchased for $1799, making them far less expensive than many of their counterparts.

The basic homecare bed has a smooth and quiet motor that automatically adjusts the head and foot positioning and the bed’s height, making it easy to operate for both the user and any caregiver that may be helping. The reinforced frame is extremely durable, resists bending, and is zinc coated to resist corrosion. The network of springs that will support the mattress may be a little noisy at times, but will offer plenty of support to the bed’s user.

If you’re looking for a bed with more functions, there are plenty of beds on the market that offer just about anything you could think of. If you’re on a bit of a budget, though, or planning on using the bed only temporarily, a basic homecare bed may be perfect for your situation.

Electric Beds

Electric Hospital Bed (Photo from

Full-electric hospital beds control all of the bed’s movements and readjustments with a remote control or a button pad on the bed’s frame. There are also semi-electric hospital beds on the market where positional adjustments can be made electronically, but the bed’s height adjustment is still made manually.

Full-electric beds come equipped with a pulley system that safety adjusts the height of the bed with the push of a button, so it can be lowered to get out of the bed or perform certain caregiver activities, and raised up if necessary as well. Some electric beds even come equipped with a built in scale, which can be useful for certain caregivers depending on the user’s situation.

Electric hospital beds are the first choice for many users because they are the easiest to operate and offer a wider range of features than manual beds do. However, they can be very pricey with most full electric models starting at a few thousand dollars.

Heavy Duty Beds

Bariatric Hospital Bed

Heavy duty hospital beds, also known as bariatric beds, are available for heavier users that need added durability and support. They have stronger frames than other types of hospital beds and are approved to hold from 350 to 1000 lbs. The frames are also made to be wider so that they offer enough room and are just as comfortable as their smaller counterparts.

Most bariatric beds offer all of the same functions as electric hospital beds and are just as easy to use. Unfortunately, they do tend to cost more since it takes more material to make a larger bed, making it hard to find a model that costs lees than $1000. They also take up more space than traditional hospital beds, so take careful measurements to ensure you’re selecting a heavy duty hospital bed that will fit the space available.

Hi-Low Beds

hospital bed

Hi-Low Hospital Bed

These beds are an excellent option for users that have an increased risk of falling out of bed and of obtaining serious injuries from doing so. They come equipped with all the same features as any other electric bed, but are much lower to the ground. In most cases, the height of the bed deck and the mattress together is no greater than 13 inches.

They are often used with a fall mat on the outside of the bed which can cushion a fall and make the distance to the ground even shorter. They can also rise up automatically to assist the user when getting into the bed from a standing position. However, like bariatric beds, they do come with a higher price tag than your average electric bed, with prices starting above $500 and often closer to $1000.

High-end Beds

hospital beds

High End Hospital Bed (Photo from

Last on our list, but certainly not least, are high-end hospital beds. High-end beds offer more durability than standard hospital beds, and they come equipped with many more features. These beds are made from the best quality materials to withstand years of heavy use, and the casters are made to be much more durable so the bed can be moved frequently for cleaning, linen changing, etc.

The deck of the bed is made to remain comfortable for years, making high-end beds the best choice for bed ridden users who will be spending almost all of their time in a hospital bed. Of course, all of these features come with a high price tag. A high end bed will usually cost a few thousand dollars, and some of the more sophisticated models start at prices in the tens of thousands.

What Now?

hospital bed

Enjoy your new bed! (Photo from

Now that you know more about the different types of hospital beds available, you’re ready to make a more educated decision about which will work best for the user in question. We spend about 1/3 of our time in bed, and the amount of time spent there is even higher for seniors with mobility issues, and users with a variety of health issues. that being the case, it is extremely important to provide elderly patients with a bed that is as comfortable, safe, and functional as possible.

Remember, feel free to contact us if you have any more questions, or want to talk about getting a hospital bed in your home.


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