Air and Powered Mattresses

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Pro-Care Turn Low Airless Mattress$9995

Bilateral turning can significantly reduce pressure on a client’s body while increasing capillary circulation. For immobile or unconscious clients, caregivers must turn them up to 10x/day to achieve this. With the Pro-Care Turn surface, it saves caregivers’ time, resources, and health while maintaining quality care for their clients. The 30° degrees of turning not only complies with clinical guidelines, but also provides optimal comfort.

There are three therapies available: CLRT, Alternating Pressure (APT), and Continuous Low Pressure modes, and they can be tailored to individual pressure care plans. The Turning dwell time can be selected between 10, 20, 30, and 60 minutes. APT mode that assists in wound healing and prevention is available in four operating cycles (10/15/20/25 min.) based on therapy requirements.

The high side bolsters reduce the risk of bed entrapment and accidental falling out of bed, and they support the client’s arms while in turning therapy. The system also features seat inflation for the Fowler position, and single air-cell deflation for the vulnerable heel section allowing them to float with zero pressure. To protect your clients, the Pro-Care Turn has a number of added safety features like a rotation pause function to allow caregivers to stop a turn right away, transport mode that maintains static pressure relief for six hours during trans- port or a power failure, plus an accessible and highly visible CPR release valve.


Dimensions 34.1 x 16.5 x 26.0 cm
Weight 4.5 kg / 9.9 lbs
Case Material Flame Retardent ABS
Supply Voltage AC 230V, 50Hz
Operating Cycle Time 10, 15, 20, 25 min.
Dwell Time 10, 20, 30, 60 min.



Dimensions 78.7” x 36” x 5”, side bolsters 10”/ 200 x 85/90 x 13 cm, side bolsters 25 cm
Cell Height 13 cm cells with two turning cells underneath from 4th to 12th air cells
Weight 11.4 Kg / 25 lbs
Cover Material 4-way stretch PU / Polyester cover with welded seams
Cell Material TPU
Maximum Patient Weight 180 kg / 397 lbs
Flame Retardant Standards EN 597-1 & EN 597-2
CPR Knob 1 Piece


Bilateral turning can significantly reduce interface pressure on patient’s body whilst increase capillary circulation.

30 degrees of turning not only complies with clinical guidelines but also provides optimal comfort.


The pressure mapping showcases a proven pressure relief off patient´s body by 30° of bilateral turning.


Turning, Alternating and Continuous Low Pressure modes to tailor to individual pressure care plans


The unique setting for lateral turning therapy with alternating helps on skin reperfusion by the moderate pressure from each inflation cycle which improves body circulation and skin integrity


The side bolsters reduce the risk of entrapment and accidental falling out of bed, also support patient´s arms while in turning therapy.


Single air-cell deflation floats the vulnerable heels with zero pressure

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Installation Rates

Setup by a Macdonald’s Trained Technician or Installer Call out Rate
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Zone 2 $85
Zone 3 $105
Zone 4 $125


Basic set up* $20
Standard set up** $50
Set up and training*** $75


*Basic Setup includes delivery and setup to client specifications of equipment not requiring installation. eg. bath seat, bath transfer bench.

**Standard Setup includes anything that requires installation or removal. eg. handheld shower, bolt-on toilet seats, removing toilet seat bolts, removing shower doors.

***Set up and training includes items like patient lifts, Roho mattresses, low air loss mattresses. Products that require training time.


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