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Motion Composites’ innovative technology has breathed new life into a lightweight, foldable, durable and adjustable wheelchair: the Helio.

Helio, the only ultra-light folding wheelchair in its class, gives a new meaning to mobility. The Helio innovation has been made possible thanks to its incorporation of Formula 1 and aerospace technologies.

The Helio design is based on lightweight composite materials. Every part of the Helio was designed with the three essential qualities of the ideal wheelchair in mind: performance, adaptability, and durability.

  • Lowered seat posts
  • Monocoque frame is stronger and lighter
  • C3 Crosspiece, which distributes weight evenly throughout the Helio frame
  • Ultra-light axle
  • The rear wheel adjustment offers a large range of positions to enhance the chair’s rigidity
  • ISO Lock System works in combination with the lowered seat posts to eliminate any possible frame movement.
  • Light and easy to handle, like a rigid chair, yet practical due to its folding frame.
  • Evolve casters offer a simple way of adjusting the angle of the front wheels!

Alu7005Ultralight Aluminum 7005 T6 — An aluminum alloy renowned for its high strength-to- weight ratio.




RUFRigid Unibody Frame — A unibody frame is much stronger and needs less maintenance than a standard two-part frame. It also reduces weight while maximizing propulsion efficiency.
SHC3DSymmetrical Hydroformed Crossbrace 3D — Entirely symmetrical aluminum crossbrace for reduced torsion and better energy distribution throughout the frame.



UFSUltrarigid Folding System — High-precision tolerances and oversized pivot axles for best-in-class propulsion efficiency.




FVAForged Vertical Axleplate + — Offers the most precise rear wheel adjustability in the industry. The vertical mounting maximizes rigidity and responsiveness.




EvolveEvolve Caster Housing — Embedded inside the frame for rock-solid durability, the Evolve Caster Housing offers easy and precise infinite adjustments.




fbkFlip-back Convertible Armrest — Easy to adjust and made of composite materials for strength and reduced weight. The only armrest that converts from flip-back to single post without the use of tools.



newtonNewton Accessories — Parts and accessories designed to be lighter, with improved functionality and awesome style.


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