NXT Armadillo Backrestfrom $995

The Armadillo Multi-Adjustable Postural Support back has a gentle contour and optional lateral and pelvic supports. The MAPS back support has a three section modular shell designed to adjust to fit the unique contour of the user’s spine. Designed for users with kyphosis or other spinal deformities. Fits 1″, ⅞” or ¾” / 2.5cm, 2.2cm, 1.9cm, cane diameters without shims. Removable Quickfit mounting hardware has height adjustment, 5″ / 13cm of depth, 25 degrees of posterior / anterior angle adjustment and even rotation. Weight capacity 14″-20″ / 40cm – 50cm, 300lbs / 136kg. 22″ and 24″, 400lbs / 182kg.

nxt Armadillo MAPS Back Feature

The Armadillo MAPS back is a modular backrest designed for users with kyphosis or other spinal deformities. The shell is comprised of three members which can be adjusted independently to give a unique fit for the specific user. The backrest members each have a vertical central recess to provide increased pressure relief for protruding spinal processes. Mounting hardware allows for multiple adjustments of height, depth and angle.

  • TOP SECTION: adjusts 40 degrees anterior & 20 degrees posterior
  • BOTTOM SECTION: adjusts 30 degrees anterior & 20 degrees posterior
  • Width adjustable lateral contours
  • Optional width adjustable lateral/pelvic supports
  • Available widths: 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, 24″
  • Available heights: 16″, 18″

Quickfit™ Mounting Hardware

  • Quick and easy to adjust while client is in the chair
  • 50 degrees of angle adjustment
  • 5″ of depth adjustment: 2.5″ in front and 2.5″ behind back canes
  • Fits metric and imperial tubing including, 1″/2.5cm, ⅞”/2.2cm or ¾”/1.9cm back canes without shims
  • Clamps open wide for installation/removal without taking them apart
  • New Quickfit Multi-clamp allows clamp to be installed where a smaller tube is inserted into a larger tube (ie. ¾”-1.9cm inside a 1″-2.5cm)
  • Fits 3 widths of chair by adjusting the shell mounts (ie. 16″ back fits 16″, 17″ & 18″ chairs)
  • Provides rotation adjustment for pelvic or trunk rotation
  • One hand quick release for easy removal to fold chair or transport

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